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2011/2012 – a parAphraSe, aN eXpeCtaTion


Our inner beings are funny things aren’t they.  They cry out for answers.  They want to be rescued from disagreeable situations and scenarios.  They are stubborn.

This inner being is really us.  It belongs to us.  It is a part of us.  When we cry out, it cries out.  It is a simultaneous act.

We remember the past; some call it, “the good old days.”  Our inner being forces us to grin at the recollection of former pleasures.  But then, it is this recollection that also renders us feeble, weak.

There was a time that good fortune was near.  Good fortune?  Love?  Delight?  Remind me, what is that again?  Things I once embraced.  Will I embrace them once more?

The former pleasures now turn to rejection.  Rejection from deliverance…or…rejection from the one who can bring this deliverance.

Why, oh why, inner being do you cause me to remember?  Yes, me, for it is I that stands here, alone, yet amongst many, on the eve of the new beginning, the new dawn.  The eve of the place called…



But my inner being perseveres in reminding me of the “wonders of old”.  Again I ask, why?

“To alter perspective”


And then I start to change.  Something shifts in me.   I begin the movement that leads to a smile.  Yes, it is true, things were good once.


I’ve been through much, but here I stand, able to share my life.


Indeed, it’s good to remember.  After all, that’s what gives us hope for the future.  It happened once before, it can happen again.  My inner voice smiles and nods.  Yes, that’s right, circumstances can change.


I will be delivered, and my deliverer is here, in this place.


I smile more now.

The drums are crashing in anticipation of the next few moments.  There’s a tremble in the air.  The sound of thunder beginning near the clouds.




I see a path ahead, not a whole one…a partial one.  Unseen footprints lead the way to my future.  I know they are there, I can sense them.  They will lead me forward.  2012, here I come, to experience those wonders of new.



Psalm 77

(I hope you enjoy a few of my pictures chosen for you.  I hope to share my 2012 journey with you)