ABouT mE

I am fascinated by color and how it is used in movies, fashion, photography.  I am also fascinated by the lack of it in black and white images that have a tinge of coloration.  My outward appearance reflects this in some way, I guess – not liking to be plain, but wanting to explore new styles and designs.  Does it always work out??? No. Some days, I cringe as I walk past my image in the mirror.  Other days, I smile at my creativity and think “You know Debby, you ain’t done bad today.  You ain’t done bad at all.”  I like to think I add some sparkle to the streets I walk on. 🙂

In my heart, I long to create movies that reflect what I’ve written above.  Something that I and the world can be proud of.  Something that is perfect.  And when that is done, I would love to do it all over again, and again, and again.  In my heart, I hope one day I will.

Maybe this blog will map my journey there….maybe.


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