there is bEaUty WITHOUT me

It’s snow day and I slip on my bright red boots.  Well, slip on makes it sound easy – it is not.  I am wearing so many socks and layers that my foot size has grown significantly, and just putting on these boots is causing me distress.  But no matter, I have determined to wear these particular ones, and wear them I shall.

I open the door to go outside.

Keys? check.

Jacket, scarf, gloves, sweater?  Check, check, check, and check.

I step out cautiously and slide my feet on the floor purposefully.  They don’t skid and glide.  Yup, these boots were made for walking; I will not tumble today.

Walking down the road, my fingers are numb.  I know they are there, but must still check, you know, just to make sure.

My toes?  Well, they are screaming torture.  But I can’t stop, I am armed with my camera in hand, and I will take some photos today.  Sorry toes.

I walk until I see some trees and a park ahead.  I stop and begin snapping.  I get a few close ups of mundane twigs and have a look what I’ve got.  These humdrum and normally uneventful shrubs suddenly take on a new beauty when covered in the snow.

I forget the pain in my feet and stay where I am for a moment to get different angles of what I see.   I do this until my toes decide to raise the alarm of suffering.  I listen, and hobble my way back home, while looking at what I’ve captured.

Beauty outside the uneventful; beauty without the unremarkable.


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