THE key

I’m sitting by the kitchen table.  In my hand is a hot cup of coffee.  It’s bitter.  It’s lacking something.  Cream liqueur; that’s what it’s missing.  I never have my coffee without it.  Yup, that’s better.

I look out the window.  It’s dark.  Really dark.  But then, it’s just gone midnight.

My eyes, they are burning.  They are tired.

The coffee is now cold.  Why?  Oh I see, it’s approaching 1am, and the cup hasn’t even touched my lips.

I get up and head off to bed.  One last look outside.

Nothing but darkness.  Real darkness.

They didn’t come.

I open the front door.  It’s morning.  My goodness, it’s chilly.

The floor mat, that’s what I want.  I look under it.  It’s still there, where I left it.  I wish it wasn’t.  I was sure it wouldn’t be.

I’m at the kitchen table.  Looking out the window.

You’re not still waiting for them are you?”  That’s my roommate, walking in.

They’ll come.”  That’s me.

She sits down, takes my cup, and drinks my coffee.  She knows I don’t like her finishing it all.

They’ll come.”  That’s me.

It’s morning. I lean against the front door.

Have you been outside?That’s my roommate.

I nod.

Was it still there?

I nod.

They will come.  I know it.”  That’s me.

My roommate sits opposite me.  She holds up a key, the key to the house.  My roommate says,

HOW will they find you?  You leave the key under the mat each night.  But they don’t know you live here.  They don’t even know you’re looking for them.

It sounds absurd, but I think this is the way to do it.  It’s the way to reach them.That’s me.

Just call them.  Pick up them phone and call them.

I shake my head.

They can’t know I’m reaching out to them.

We both hear a noise outside and rush to the door.  Open it.  It’s just a fox.  We both let out a sigh; her’s from frustration; mine from sadness.

Just leave the key out will you.”  That’s me.

She looks at me, and I know what she’s thinking.  Of all the crazy people she’s met, maybe, just maybe, I am the head of them all.

You didn’t check under the mat today?”  That’s my roomate.

I didn’t need to, ’cause I “accidentally” bumped into one of their friends.


And, he will tell them, and they will come.

What if he doesn’t tell them?  What if he doesn’t know he needs to?  Does this friend even know who you are? Ooorrr, what if he tells them, and they laugh at you?  They will think you a fool.

She looks at me again, with that same look.  Why must she always do that?

I really hope they’re not laughing at me.

I close the front door and come back indoors.  It’s morning.  It’s cold.  It’s chilly.

Did you check?”  That’s my…well, I think you know who this is by now.

I nod.

Did they come?

I shake my head.

No, but I know they will.  I feel it so strongly like I’ve never felt anything in my life.

She stands to the side of me, silent.  She has no words.  Before she can give me the look again, I say

They’ll come.

Inside I’m praying they are not laughing at me.  I’m praying they answer my call.

I know they will.”  That’s me.


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