mY tHaNksGivinG, mY GratiTudE

She sits on the double sofa watching the movie on the screen.  “Australia” is playing.  It is actually a really great movie, and truth be told, if the situation were different, this night would have been a perfect one.  Instead, she sits in silence.  Her breathing is calm.

He sits to her right, but she never turns to acknowledge him.  She can only assume he faces forward too, but unlike her, she is convinced his mind is far away, puzzling over the decision he has just made.

She smiles, fully appreciating the masterpiece that is the Baz Luhrmanns movie.

A tear falls down her cheek, followed by another, and then another.  Tears of a shattered heart, a heart she is sure will never recover.  You see, it has not even been 48 hours since he uttered the words “it’s over.  There’ll be no wedding.”

Yes, this would have been the perfect night, and the film, most highly recommended.

It is funny what can happen in a year or two…so much, and yet seemingly so little.  For that year, she crawled through the gutters of life.  Each time she looked up, she was confronted by the feet of those who walked tall and inhaled the fresh air around them.  They were alive, she was sinking, crawling to her inevitable end.  No hope in sight, until one day, the owner of one of these feet noticed her, knelt down and crawled with her.  Before she knew it, others did the same.  Why were they doing this?

They pulled her along with them and before she realised it, she could raise her head and breathe the new air, slowly standing up tall with the others.

That’s why they did this, “I want to see you smile again.”

And smile she did.  The smile of a recovering heart.

Looking back at the gutter trail, she cries the tears of a grateful soul.  Her helpers smile back at her.  She has done it.  She’s come through, and she’s the better for it… and this is her thanks.

“There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature.  A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.” (Harry Crews)


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