i’M MeeTiNg HeR foR cOfFeE

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She’s blonde, I’m not.  She’s pretty, I’m…well, I refrain from describing myself.

She has ambition, a dream, the drive to get herself there.  I will say we have this, at least, in common…I also have a dream.

She is waiting for me.  I have yet to arrive.  Running to meet her.

So many people on the road.  Don’t they know I’m on a mission?  Why are they here?  Running to meet her.

Pushing past woman with baby; “Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t see your baby.”

Falling behind tourists, looking for an opening.  Got it, move past and STOP.  Gorgeous guy in front.  Yes, a welcome distraction. Must keep moving, but steal a glance behind.  Did he do the same?  Can’t see, the people are back, obscuring view.  Sigh.  Running to meet her.

Outside destination.  Walk in, down the stairs.

She’s still here, waiting.

She’s blonde, I’m not.  She’s pretty.


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