WEstMinsTer bRiDGe

Today, I decided to take a walk around Westminster Bridge (it was a very short walk).  On the way there, I passed Downing Street and stopped for a moment.  I’ve walked past this building quite a few times and have always seen the barrage of tourists that line the front gates, but never thought anything of it.  But today, I did.  “What do these people actually do there?”  So, I went to find out.

About a third of them are taking photos, another third are doing absolutely nothing but staring at the building, and the last third are talking to each other in their various languages.  It’s quite funny really.  It’s what I would expect someplace like Rome to be like…except this is on a much smaller scale.  Lots of people standing around, taking pictures, or just staring at the Vatican.

There were policemen at the gates – well, this is a given really.  One can’t have the abode of our Prime Minister left unguarded.  But what a job to have eh (the policemen).  I wouldn’t like that at all.  If I was one of them, I wouldn’t see my primary role as protector of our head of the land, but as one who must try their darndest not to smile at anyone of these foreign bodies that stand before me and taunt with their flashes.  Poor policemen.

But instead of showing my concern for their plight, I decided to join the foreigners and whip out my own camera (which was, incidentally, larger than any of theirs by miles) and snap away.

Following this, I carried on my journey to Westminster Bridge and snapped away there also.  Why are there no pictures of policemen here?  Well, quite frankly, they didn’t turn out as good. 😦


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